Adonis Golden Ratio 12-Week System Review

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Since it has been released Adonis Golden Ratio received many positive reviews from the established trainers and experts in the industry. Most of the followers agree that the program is demanding but the results make it well worthwhile, since it is one of the quickest way to burn fat and develop a great body shape. The program is based on John Barban’s research “Exercise Physiology”. John Barban is a research scientist, a tutor at the University of Florida (exercise physiology), a certified fitness consultant, and a leading consultant in the performance supplement industry. He also holds fitness certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and kinesiology. It took 10 years to develop and perfect this program. Kyle Leon, another author of the program, is a leader in muscle building and sports nutrition, a successful fitness model, and an International best selling author.


According to Barban’s research, there is a certain shoulder to waist ratio, which is so powerful that causes women to feel involuntary attracted (the true motivation behind most men’s efforts in the gym!). Following his study results Barban designed the program that helps men attain that specific shoulder to waist ratio, so called ‘Adonis Index‘. The Adonis Golden Ratio 12-week system is meant for those who aspire to get their body into a great shape that has been proven to be a women magnet, rather than getting ripped body-builder’s physique.

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is available on the Internet and consists of over 70 different videos with exercises, which are designed to tackle specific areas in your body that are storing body fat (waistline, upper thighs and other vulnerable spots, etc). The gym membership is not necessary to do the exercises but some require basic fitness equipment, such as hand weights. This system works astonishingly well because it is reinforced with an accustomed diet (a nutrition software), which makes perfect sense. While Barban assures that supplementation is not necessary to achieve the results, he, nevertheless, provides a supplementation guide and guide for those who aspire to more serious bodybuilding.


  • The workout routines are demanding, thus are not suitable for someone that has an injury or other health problems (heart in particular).
  • The video library could do with a better arrangement.


  • Fat loss and great body shape in about three months (when following the program to the letter).
  • Supplementation is optional.
  • Instant access online and money back guarantee.
  • Active forum for sharing experience and getting advice from other members and Barban himself.

Learn  more about the Adonis Golden Ratio System and the science behind it 

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