Adjustable Dumbbell Set – PowerBlock Review

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Let’s face it, the best dumbbells are the solid 1-piece ones that you don’t have to change at all. However, this is just not practical, unless you don’t mind your living room looking like a gym. For someone without a dedicated room for their fitness gear, all-in-one or adjustable dumbbells are a life saver. PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell set is a must have for someone who wants to get fit but have no time (or money) for a gym. PowerBlock dumbbell set looks nothing like a traditional dumbbell, it is a sturdy square block that you like or hate. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell Set is a solid metal and is still made in Minnesota, USA (10 years warranty). The newer SportBlock (metal) and the Urethane (rubber-coated metal) models are made in China – still it is a quality piece of hand weights that are given a lifetime warranty.

PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells come in different sizes and with different increments (2.5 lbs, 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs). For more weight add-on kits can be purchased separately. The Elite dumbbells kit go up to 85-90lbs, and 120lbs with the add-on. Newer models of PowerBlock dumbbells can be used with the additional accessories, such as kettle handle or the straight bar. PowerBlock dumbbells are the most compact hand weights in the current market. However, the best selling point of this equipment is changing the weight, which is super fast and easy. You can change weight amounts on both bells of PowerBlock in literally about 6-15 seconds due to the simplistic design and the color code. In comparison, changing the weights on other adjustable dumbbells would take at least 2 minutes. It can be such a pain that can actually discourage you from using the adjustable dumbbells. Therefore changing the weights fast and easily is of utmost importance for many users.


  • Super fast and easy to change the weight in 10lb increments.
  • Square shape makes it easy to rest the dumbbells on your thighs. They don’t roll.
  • Well made, sturdy and very durable; smart, simple and ergonomic design.
  • The stand is included in the kit and the add-on kit is available to purchase for more weight.
  • The handles are padded and comfortable, so gloves aren’t necessary.
  • The modular design requires very little room to store – fits in a space of 2 shoe boxes.


  • Doing wrist curls may be a bit awkward/impossible, unless you grab the outer columns/grips.
  • Difficult to quickly switch weights in increments smaller than 10 lbs.
  • The add-on kit is a nice option, but the dumbbells get long, so it may be impractical for certain exercises.

The Bottom Line:

The PowerBlock Dumbbell Set with an adjustable bench (included in the kit) are everything that is needed for someone who wants to be fit. One can find exercises to work all of the muscles that once took a gym full of equipment. However, the PowerBlock dumbbells would not be sufficient for someone who aspires to professional bodybuilding or powerlifting. The PowerBlock dumbbells are best for exercises where one needs to change the weight frequently, or quickly, and work best for non-press exercises. They were the first of their kind, and they are still a serious contender in this ring. The PowerBlock Dumbbell Set is not the least expensive on the market, but considering the amount of dumbbells they replace, it is well worth it, for the right user. Therefore, if you are in the $300 budget range and are looking for a set that is durable, easily adjustable, and versatile, PowerBlock dumbbells would be a great (if not the best) choice.

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